Firefly - cull <empty> values from sensor input

Hi you guys,

I am having troubles helping a friend with her flex sensor. We are trying to manipluate grasshopper geometry by using data input from a sensor via Arduino.

For some reason every now and than the output value turns and neither can I figure out why nor how to get rid of it. Since it is a single value (changing evry 50ms already tried to raise and lower the period) list and tree operations like Clean Tree or Null Item have no effect.

In the arduino IDE there is no hint. The Serial Monitor presents valid numbers in each line…

So my question:

Is there a way to get rid of these empty values?

Thankful for every hint!

Best Lara

Thank you Mahdiyar for your quick respond!

I finally figured out what causes the I t was a mistake in the Arduino code. there was a second println command with no real output therefore not visible through the SerialMonitor in the Arduino IDE.

Best regards