Firefly + Arduino to control a stepper motor!

Hi all,

I am using Arduino Uno to control a stepper motor using Firefly, I tried to upload different sketches from Arduino examples, but everyone is doing a specific motion without my control. However, recently I succeeded to control a servo motor (3 connections) using Firefly firmata.

Now, I need to control the stepper motor (4 connections) with specific rotation degrees and speed but I couldn’t. I tried to follow many tutorials but unfortunately, I fail.

Do you know how to control this in Grasshopper? and is there any specific connection with the easy drive? is there any specific algorithm in Grasshopper? or even specific sketch for this stepper motor?


Hi Poiak,
I got the same problem, could you solve it? If it’s so, how did you do? :slight_smile:


There’s an example file for stepper motor in Firefly folder. Check it out.