Finding only surfaces in a list of breps and surfaces

I have a group of combined geometries in which I would like to separate trimmed surfaces from open breps.
I wanted to find the index of the breps in the list so that I can use it in “list item” but why is “item index” component showing -1 instead of the index of the breps?

Hi @Abolghasem_Raeis_Sam,

Basically, you have geometry objects coming out of your Ungroup, but you are feeding just a text string into the Item. There are no text strings going into List so you get no match. Item index isn’t going to help you here.

Instead use the SortByType component from the Human plugin:


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Hi, @Abolghasem_Raeis_Sam,
You could use Member Index or Match Text components for that, see the images attached.
The video tutorial linked below explains how to work with the Item Index tool.


Thank you so much

exactly what I needed