Find two numbers that multiplied give a specific result

Hi I am really new on Grasshopper, and I would like to ask a question that is very useful for what I am doing, I am kind of on an emergency.

I need to find all the possibilities or a couple for two numbers that multiplied give more or less (with tolerance) an specific result based on the following formula.

phi * (variable x)ˆ2 * (variable y) = (specific value defined that comes from a Grasshopper’s panel)**

** the result can be similar to the proposed number, it will be better if it is always bigger, than it
Variable X and Y should como from a list with a specific range.

Up to today I just have this.

And new to algebra as well?


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This curve is the solution for {-10 < a < 10}, {-10 < b < 10} and c = 137. (244.4 KB)


Thank you!!!