Filter points based on coordinates


I am trying to filter points from an input type “point3D” based on their coordinates (in my case is Z = 0) by using coerce3dpoint, but unfortunately, it returns a list with 3 components wich present X, Y and Z of all points but not the points separately.
Thanks for your help. (23.8 KB)

I would honestly not even bother with doing a python of it.
Just a few standard gh components.
pointsList (27.6 KB)

Screenshot 2024-05-02 083644

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Or set x to list input, and try something like:

a = []
for point in x:
   coords = rs.coerce3dpoint(point)
   if coords[2] == 0:

Thanks a lot!! It works.

That’s what I did before but the input is “GUID” type which can’t be treated as list…