FilletSrf needs a transition setting rad to rad

Whilst FilletEdge allows a next rad input and sees result transition from one to the next rad, FilletSrf, which has been acclaimed as far better for most things, has no ability to do that.

My result didnt trim with FilletEdge and with FilletSrf it is steppy and no use at all.

How does one use FilletSrf and transition the radii ?

Also success with FilletEdge 2nd try but could do with ability to add in an inbetween radii as going from one edge 0.005 to next edge 0.02 sees an unnatural transition shape.

Is there no means of adding in an extra radii and picking a point for it, as I see no option during the command.

How in fact do other CAD progs fair compared to Rhino for filleting ?

HammerHead FilletSrf no transition.3dm (3.9 MB)

and further issues, trying to fillet 0.01 most of edge then 0.15 then ends 0.02 and a second edge meets up, thaat being 0.01.

Just how is this even done as filletSrf gives one fillet at a time and doesnt transition.

FilletEdge left a gap and was untrimmable.

FilletSrf non transition issue how to double fillet this.3dm (2.0 MB)

How would other CAD handle this, better or worse ?



After you finish selecting edges to fillet, you get this set of options:

Use the indicated options to add extra handles, then adjust radii as desired.

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