Filleting Tangent Surfaces

I used the word ‘scallops’, but really I’m considering all forms of tool marks and surface finish from all forms of manufacturing processes.

Not to mention facets and tessellation manifested from CAD’s or CAM’s exchanges etc. – but that’s part of the argument of ‘true fillet’ I suppose.

It’s real cute how the F1 help docs sneak in some calculus nomenclature in there, but I think most people that want to build things and create a better world, just really only care about ‘tangency’ – imo.

Although most manufacturers love to cut corners and leave sharp edges everywhere on their products and leave burrs on everything.

I guess I’ll need to study calculus better to know derivatives better, to understand G1,2,3 better.

Then I’ll know how to manufacture an ‘inner round’, and/or ‘outer round’ of an edge of a product better, so that the product wont have sharp edges prone to fracture or harm of a customer, and inner corners prone to fracture as well – leading to product failure.

Example of ‘scallops’ manifested from CNC manufacturing process.

While tryna find better examples illustrating tool scallops, I stubbled on this:

Kinda of a random thread he made about scallops lol. Not sure what it was about though other than that equation :joy:

It’s actually really weird how hard it is to find good examples of this…