Fillet edge


I try do make a fillet edge on part the piece (in attach) but I can’t understand how I can do… If you can explain to me step by step, it will be great,

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conge.3dm (2.8 MB)

probably because the large surfaces had singularities in them. If you extract these surfaces one by one and cap, then you can fillet the edges. Try on the attached
conge_sg.3dm (219.3 KB)

hello gifs thanks for your comment but I don’t understand what are the steps to do the fillet edge (1.5mm) in the long part,
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probably you mean like the attached? Rhino (still) cannot fillet over edges.
conge_sg.STEP (87.1 KB)

Yes it is…So how can I do? is it a solution do make that kind of blending sheet steel with Rhino3d?

well there is a way but it is a bit more tedious than in let’s say Solidworks.
The method you can use is exploding the surfaces and then use FilletSrf to (no Trim, no Extend) to make the fillets individually. This will give you some insight why FilletEdge cannot handle this case automatically. On the other hand, Solidworks can fillet it but it is not a very nice solution imho.

Apart from that, I would model it differently in such a way that the creases in your top surface don’t extend over the fillet. In other words, make the creases so that they don’t extend up to the corners, but instead 1.5mm or more inward

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