File Path for non .3dm files

I am attempting to do some batch file management inside python.
I need to obtain the file path of the document which is currently open if it is not a .3dm file.

If I already have an open .stp file in Rhino how can I get the file path for that file. I can use:
to get the path or doc name for a .3dm file but with an open .stp nothing is returned.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

The WorkingFolder method should get you the working path. Let me know if you find otherwise.

I mean, the WorkingFolder method should give you the path to where the non-3dm file was opened…

Thanks Dale,
The WorkingFolder works great for getting the path of the folder in which the document is located. Is there any way to get the file name? I do not see anything in Rhino.ApplicationSettings.FileSettings for getting the filename.


Rhino does not maintain the names of non 3DM files that is opens. Opening a non 3DM file is basically just like importing, except into an empty document.