Feature Request: To/FromHops methods for GH_Param<T> for custom types

We have a number of custom internal types that we use in Grasshopper, and we would like to use Hops as part of our unit testing to confirm behaviour of nodes.

For completely understandable reasons, Hops presently only seems to support a handful of paramter types - for example, when we provide Hops with the GUID of our “PropertySet from Keys/Values” node, we get the following:

Presently, we get around this by creating a hops node that takes a string, deserialises it, and then performs the work we want to test.


If there was an interface or set of functions on GH_Param that allowed us to define ToHops() and FromHops(), presumably to and from JSON objects, that would allow us to skip this step, directly reference the nodes GUID we want to test, and also allow us to send complex json objects directly to grasshopper from a web server.

There’s many ways to achieve the functionality that I’ve proposed above - intended to only be an example, and open to any ideas!