Fair without rebuild

I’d like to know why sometimes fair command rebuilds the curves and sometimes doesn’t.
Most of the times I don’t want to rebuild the curves, and in the case it needs to be rebuild for any reason, I would prefer the tool inform the user that the curve needed to be rebuilt. If possible I think there must be an option to toggle rebuild yes/no.

Can someone tell me more about this?

Hi Joaquin- good question, I should know the answer to this but I do not… I’ll see what I can find out. I can tell you that the curve is not rebuilt exactly though- it is re-fit somehow, but not using Rebuild.

Hm, testing a little more - it looks like degree 3 curves are not refit but any other degree (bubt not deg.1) is refit, but maintains its degree.


Thanks Pascal, yes it has a strange but useful behaviour. I wish it was a little more predictable.