Fade Along a Curved, Periodic Edge

I’m curious as to how I could fadeaway this cleated texture, but for the fadeaway to only be a set amount from the edge (say, finishing 10mm away). CageEdit is great of course, but I can’t find a way for it to guide the height along the curved edge. (The box would have to be dense to get enough points to approximate the boundary. See the attached where it is not uniform in the centre, because there aren’t enough points for influence.

fadeaway.3dm (5.2 MB)

This is where I see an inherent weakness in CageEdit, not being more flexible with regards to objects that can be used as cages. If it were possible to use something like below, I could just SetPt all of the outermost vertices - so the topology of the fadeaway would be controlled by something I determine, rather than something more rigid.

I Did wonder If I could flow to something more bidimensional, cageedit, then flow back.

I’m confused - are you asking how it was done on the left? Or did you do this? The point structure of the part on the right does not really lend itself to being modified in this way…


The left was my basic attempt at fading the edge away with a cage bounding box. Yeah they became undesirably cp heavy. My idea of flowing back into a rectangle didn’t work at all.

I’m just not sure of a technique. Maybe I’ll need to sweep2 all of the cleats to a flat cross section. And project the offset curve to create an extra cross section where the fade-away begins


Jonathan Hutchinson

Hm. I’d start with the left hand object. ShrinkTrimmedSrf, then ChangeDegree in V to 5. Then you can select all the points at the ends of the surfaces

and setPt in Z to flatten.

You can get more elaborate by adding knots to make more points in V.

It looks like that is more or less what you did…



Could you attach the model in such a way I can view through iRhino?

Jonathan Hutchinson

Hi Pascal, Could I have this attach file too ?