"Faces were removed" Rhino.Inside.Revit

Hi all,

I have this volume that is not coming properly
Faces were removed issue.3dm (634.1 KB)
through Rhino.Inside.Revit tools. The error message is: “Some problematic Faces were removed”. I haven’t found much about this error, and I would like to know how you guys would tackle this issue. I tried the following:

-Meshing and “nurbing” back the solid, but it is not what I want
-I tried Extracting the wireframe and recreate the faces manualy. It didn’t work (but happy to try again)

I’d appreciate your time and help.

Kind regards,


Hi James,

The problematic surfaces are on that inside cutout, bringing in the individual surfaces isn’t an issue (left image)

The joining of these edges considers the tolerance at which they were created. Which is much higher than the Revit Tolerances.


RebuildEdges to a lower tolerance then rejoining is the process. Similar to fixing bad edges (bottom of this link Fixing Bad Objects [McNeel Wiki])

using the Geometry DirectShape to test rebuilt geometry in a separate file is recommended.

Thank you Japhy. The tolerance was set right at the beginning of the project, so I have been trying to figure out what was going wrong.

The issue comes from the spline curves created in AutoCAD. When importing in Rhino, it keeps its original tolerances and level of detail. Reducing those curves solved the issue.