Extruding surfaces

In the Level 1 tutorials I’m trying to do the Extruding Curves tutorial. I’ve gotten to the section about extruding surfaces for the other half of the phone. I made the BOTTOM SURFACE layer current. I selected the curve indicated in the tutorial. From the surface menu, I clicked Extrude Curve, and then clicked Straight. I get a message that says " Curves selected to extrude include self-intersecting curves and may produce undesirable results." I ignored the message and typed -3.5 for the extrusion distance and hit enter. Then, on the command line, I got a message saying “Two inputs were not extruded because they would have made invalid surfaces.” I tried to re-enter the commands but, the results are the same.

Hi James - can you post the curves you’re extruding? The ones in the file should all work, I’ve done that damn phone a million times, but maybe some curves were incorrectly joined by mistake or something…


I was hoping for a 3dm file, not a picture… =)


Hi Pascal,

Notice the expired evaluation, @James_Williams will not be able to save a file for uploading.


Right you are… @James_Williams the curves to extrude straight would be cyan and green ones that are at the right in Perspective on your image, by the U-shaped curve. Does that work?