Extrude object along two curves

I want to extrude a set of rectangles from one curve to another. One curve is in the xy plane, while the other is 3D. I am able to array and rotate the rectangles along the xy plane, but have no clue how to proceed. Any ideas appreciated!

Test.gh (15.3 KB)

Upload Definition…

Sorry forgot this, the gh file is uploaded now.

You didn’t internalise your path curves. Please read bellow thread especially No. 3

Anyway, Is something like this what you want?

Extrude Along Curve_re.gh (8.8 KB)

Thank you for your reply and helpful tips :slight_smile: You are on to something there yes, I am however also interested in altering the angles of the box objects. I was able to achieve something with your script by adding a shear command, but the bottom of the boxes should be extruded so that they are level with the bottom curve.Test2.gh (12.8 KB)

Test2_re.gh (17.8 KB)

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