Extracting Items by their value

Hallo all together, I am working on a Studyproject an i try to work with Gis-Data of a swamp to bring it in a spatial context. So i want to visualize different earth-layer. For that i have a lot of informations like the use of the area or the substrate. The question is very general. How would it be possiple to extract data, not by its index or branch value but by its item value. Does it matter, if these are letters or numbers ? For example i want to list all the A-Items (Agriculture) ?

rhinluch_1.gh (103.5 KB)

And my second question relates to this task. How do i mask out only the branches of agricultural use in my high of biomass ? What component do i need to reconnect the use value and the hight value to bring it in the right location ? Do i have to keep the branchnumber as an identity to reconnect it with the correct data ? So for example branch {0;1} it want to lift the surface of agriculture to 42.709 cm.

your GH file uses some plugins that I don’t have installed, so I’m not able to work on your file unless you internalize data after these components:

anyway, this is a basic example on filtering data from a data tree (this lets you pick the results only among the available full values)

while Match Text lets you write down you own text to be searched:


Hey Thanks man, i was really struggling with this. Probably it neet to dive more into data tree managment. Maybe you understand the second part of my question which relates to this, i was just editing it

i just internalized the data. i hope it correct like this


This part looks absolutely NUTS!!

But its not possible to internalize a plugin-component right ? so what can i do. i just internalized the data in later steps. should i delete the comonents, so that there are no objects missing ?

This is what the left side of your model looks like to me. The orange components and wires indicate missing data/geometry.