Extract Centerline of Angled Steel

I’ve wrote two simple definitions to pull center lines from steel for both horizontal and vertical. I need to get center lines from the angled steel as well. I can’t remember how to sort a list and use it as a key to find the X,Y,Z of the area centroid that I’ve extracted.
Attached is my definition, the one grouped in red is for the angle def. Currently it’s the same as my horizontal.
Any help is appreciated.

CenterLine_Extraction.gh (123.9 KB)


Ok I simplified my Definition and got one for angles and horizontals. Can I get all of them out of one definition?


Is this what you’re looking for?

CenterLine_Extraction_2020Dec11a.gh (104.2 KB)

That’s Nice. Different setup to look at. That does work for the application I was looking for!
Thanks Joseph.