Extend surface

Extend surface, does not extend trimmed edge over surface base.
V5 version is much better.


Thanks for the feedback, can you post an example file before and after the extendsrf?

@Marco_Romagnoli , It should extend it, and there is no such limitation (test it with trimmed plane).
Please post an example.

Extend-surface.3dm (36.7 KB)

Try this easy example.


I see it. It is a bug and I will work on it. Thanks for reporting.

I can not see the page of you link.
I’l keep informed in the next release.

Thank you


This is now fixed. You should see the change in the next WIP. Thanks.

does not work also in the last wip
Extend-surface.3dm (115.7 KB)

This is a different case and it is failing for a different reason. I am looking into it. Thanks.

Yes I know.
I’m very interested that this command works.


Thank you very much for reporting all these bugs. This is extremely helpful to help us make it work better. We are very grateful for your time.

just sent to you another option.


Extend-surface_1.3dm (235.3 KB)

Rajaa, here is an example of operation “extend trimmed surface”.
It would be perfect if Rhino would work this way: