Extend surface gap: bug?

Making an extension of the red edge of a unit, with join option = no, a slight gap occurs. It’s a bug?
extend srf gap.3dm (189.0 KB)

Hello - the edge tolerances on the input object are large - .025, If you RebuildEdges on this first, the new extended surface will align as expected, The question is, how did the edge tolerances get to be off? Was this object scaled up from a smaller object for example?


Pascal thanks, I do not know what happened to the file (it was a test file, maybe some time ago I will have modified some parameters). The tolerance set is 1/1000, the problem was the edge tolerance… I did not notice this problem…

Pascal, always on this file (I rebuilt the edges and now the command works):
I noticed, however, that by executing the command on the minor edge of the surface, for example, that the interactive drag (preview) happens with difficulty, I want to extend very little and the cursor moves a lot of distance (as in image); if instead I limit the extension point with a guideline (SmartTrack), the extension is done correctly.

extend move correct:

I hope I explained well, that you understood …

I would like to understand if this problem is related to this surface or is a general defect of the command.
Maybe Rajaa could say something, if she wants …

Extend surface, “funds” option = no does not work.
(This command works intermittently, a version yes, a version no).
Doing a rebuild surface seems to work (even if trimmate surfaces still lacks):thinking:

Why can not the upper surface be extended?
blend surface incorrect.3dm (632.1 KB)