Exporting to Blender?

Hi all,

Been trying a few different ways to get a model into Blender so that the individual components are selectable/editable…

One catch is that I have linked files, which don’t work properly in DAE.

Still experimenting, but any suggestions?

Have you tried my Blender add-on import_3dm?

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Nope! :slight_smile:

Will check it out now… thanks Nathan.

It should work fine - just remember to save your file after having set one of the views to rendered mode to ensure render meshes are created and saved with your 3dm file.

The add-on worked fine last time I did a live stream with the the add-on, testing both Blender 2.93 and Blender 3.0 (before it was released). (live stream was Live Coding Rhino / import_3dm #2 - YouTube I think)


Thanks - getting an error when trying to install in both version 2.93.4 and 3.0.0.

I’ll DM it to you.

Please keep the discussion public, so it can benefit other users as well (and other add-on users can chip in):

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I didn’t read the whole error so wasn’t sure if there was any private info in there… if you say it’s ok I’d prefer to post here anyway! :slight_smile:

Here you go.

Did you install the zip for windows from Release import_3dm v0.0.9 · jesterKing/import_3dm · GitHub ? It includes the rhino3dm module necessary.

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Grabbed the MacOS version out of habit :thinking:

trying again now…

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Ok, that worked pretty quickly!

It sent everything, too - not just my visible stuff. Would be great to limit to visible layers.

No linked files, either.

Is there a way to “send” linked data, too?

There are options when you get to select the 3dm file. You can make sure hidden geometry is not imported.

That is logged as Add support for loading linked blocks from external files · Issue #87 · jesterKing/import_3dm · GitHub - a future version will be able to do that.


Got it - thank you!

In the mean time - what’s the best way to “collect” or capture the visible stuff in a file to create a new file without links? Or convert linked files to non-linked? Thought it might be embedding, somehow, but haven’t found it. Just learning about it in the last day or so.

I would select all stuff (_SelAll), and then export selected to a new file. Don’t forget to open the new file, change to rendered mode and save it again.

I did not test this theory with linked block instances, so YMMV.

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