Export - reverse order of elements

I have been doing CNC cutting of simple flat sheeting for years.

I have been using Rhino 5 to develop …

  1. My Cutting lines

  2. TAbbed parts are created from the cutting lines with simple SPLIT commands.
    here: tab(s) are ment to hold part in their substrate for later extraction. i.e. Uncut space

  3. Establish CUTTING ORDER by
    a. copying elements ONE BY ONE in the order I choose
    to the desired coordinates on my cutting table.

    b. export to DXF ( see workflow below )
    c. Convert to CNC code with 3rd party routines
    d. cut the parts

Rhino5 export workflow"
I found that when Rhino 5 Exported these sets of cutting lines to DXF the ORDER was Reversed.
They looked the same in R5 and only presented the problem after CONVERTING to CNC code.

MY SOLUTION was to reIMPORT them and then EXPORT them again. A tedious workaround.

Presumably this is an APPENDING vs PREPENDING issue with the DXF convertion routines.

Yes it’s bit quirky, but, it has worked for me as often as necessary.

Now using Rhino 8 that work flow is Broken.

Lines do not Export well and I get ZINGERS and Odd off-axis results of some elements.

I presume that I have not yet discovered some new “Feature” settings in Rhino 8

I have tried Simplifying Lines and Arcs
And REBUILDing with poor results - not a good option here.

I wonder if I should go into Drafting mode after my 3D development ?
Presuming that the Line elements are “Simpler” in Drafting mode.

Has anyone had this issue and/or solved it ?



Hi Bob - please post and example 3dm file, the export and the settings used to export.