Export dwg or dxf issue

The image on the left is a capture of rhino model space: the one on the right is what I get when I export to dxf or dwg and view in autocad (icad). The splines struggle to reproduce properly. I can get around it by saving as illustrator but is there a setting that can eliminate the problem (using 2004 natural- curves as splines) . Files attached. dwg-dxf-prob.3dm (170.1 KB)
dwg-dxf-prob.dwg (59.3 KB)

Convert your Rhino degree 3 and higher curves to chains or arcs before exporting, or choose an export scheme that uses AutoCAD’s Spline entities.
Here’s your 3dm file with the curves converted to arcs:
dwg-dxf-prob converted.3dm (317.8 KB)

If you’re exporting for CAM, consider trying the IGES export instead of DWG/DXF