Export 3D bore holes to AlphaCam

We’re working with multiple manufacturers that use AlphaCam. We do a lot of plywood with boreholes in. Both through the boards, and horizontally in through the edges.
Here is a toy example:

The problem is, we have never been successful in exporting directly to AlphaCam. There are always issues: the bore holes are never “aligned” perfectly to the world axis, so AlphaCam gives up, and tells the operator it’s impossible. They claim it’s a precision issue so I attempted to increase precision (Abs. Tol: 0.0000001mm), and carefully create a dummy scene straight_cylinders.3dm (3.7 MB) , but even then they say it doesn’t work. We’re exporting to STEP.

It only works if brought in through a 3rd party program (SpaceClaim).

Has anyone successfully exported directly to AlphaCam? What are we doing wrong?

Of course increasing the tolerances at export doesn’t really do anything–I don’t know if it’s anything more than a number–the model is still modeled at .001, 1 degree angle. But, there’s still nothing ‘wrong’ with your model.

Can you also post the STEP you’ve exported from the straight_cylinders file above?

Sorry, I was unclear there: first I set the tolerance, then I model, then I export.

Of course. Here you go: straight_cylinders.stp (26.8 KB)
Thanks for taking a look! :pray:

Well clearly the issue is not that the holes aren’t “actually” aligned with the axes, that’s nonsense. Would it help if you exported points at the hole locations?

What I see is that the cylinder surfaces are whole (closed in one direction) - many programs do not like that and split them into two cylinder halves. There is an export option to split cylinders on export, you might try that and see if Alphacam accepts those better…


I tried that now, but it doesn’t work.

AlphaCam has is supposed to automatically recognize bore holes. It’s not a feasible to do it by hand.