Explode ggRevit objects in Grasshopper

Is there any way to convert ggRevit objects to mesh or brep? There is explode component in VisualArq.

Sure, I provide the conversion methods where I’ve identified them (let me know if you try something similar and it’s doesn’t work.

You can simply plug the ggRvt component into the desired type parameter such as this (and attached).

If you get a transform issue (I’m seeing it here in the latest code), let me know and I’ll provide an installer with this fixed.



181220 column to brep.gh (16.0 KB)

I have the same transform issue. Would you please also add option of mesh conversion. I guess it would be more useful compared to brep. Thank you
ggrevit_mesh.gh (7.5 KB)

Thanks, I just uploaded new builds for rhino5 and rhino6 with corrected transform and mesh working.
You can get these from the downloads page at www.geometrygym.com

I do seem to get this display error for mesh in Grasshopper for Rhino6 here, but if you bake the mesh you will see it is correct. Rhino6 Grasshopper mesh display disordered

Let me know if you have other problems or suggestions.