Explode a brep fail


ExPlode.rar (915.4 KB) attachment has a test 3dm file,which has a brep.
and a test plugin codes file.because I can’t find a sdk function can do explode .So I use runscript to write a explode function.
when I use Explode Comand ,the brep can be exploded to 2 brep.
but when I use My explode function the brep can’t be exploded to 2 brep

(Menno Deij - van Rijswijk) #2

For exploding a BREP geometry in code you can use BrepFace.DuplicateFace function and duplicate each face in the Brep. Alternatively, you can maybe use BrepObject.GetSubObjects to split a Brep object.

(Dale Fugier) #3

Does this help?



menno and dale:
thanks for your help,


the link is broken

(Dale Fugier) #6

The developer samples have been consolidated under a single repo:

Does this help?

– Dale