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Good morning,
Actually I work on a heavy pattern for car design. Probably a lot of thing to reduce from the tree, I study by myself and alone in the company who employ me.
Modele is almost done.
Unfortunetly, I still have a problem to compare to list

The pattern is even bigger than the surface for projection.
Before ( or later ) I would like to exclude all the curves where not include in this surface.

Surface in Yellow/Green and pattern in Red

The main problem for me still be the number of line to project and the 3d Surface where I have to put this pattern. How to exclude all the line who have not to be projected.

  1. I create the pattern with the exact size length, gap and form
  2. I create a surface plane with the same edge length than the original 3D Surface
  3. I used “Map to surface” to project the pattern on the Original D Surf via the plane surface
  4. Now … I don’t want to create all the curves who are out of the original 3D Surf

Result : Too much curves who can’t match to the surface

Actually, I try to exclude all the line ( from a list ) after to map them on the surface :slight_smile:

Actually the main program in my job still be “Surface Studio” from Autodesk. I can finish with it. But the challenge to find a complete process is my priority. And the good way in Grasshopper !

Many thanks in advance.



you’ll need , “PointOnCurve”, “Point in Curve” and “Cull Pattern” . I’ll leave the arrangement of them to you. :slight_smile:
You may need to do this planar which is possible here.

Hi Tom,
I never think about that before …
I will explore this way.
See the simple model below ( Rhino V6 )
Many thanks.

I put a simple file there … and search on my side. ( Rhino V6 and Grasshopper )

Keep in touch

TEST.gh (37.8 KB)
TEST.3dm (44.3 KB)


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TEST _re.gh (40.2 KB)

Hi Kim,
You know , sometimes we try to find complicate way to make some easy things …
Really thank you.
Best regards

Hi All.
I really thank you . You already help me so much about something looks so easy.
A finalize the model and the customer was happy with it.
I will looking forward and deeper in the application now and give me some new challenge.