Exact same code one of them is not working on the same computer

I’m working on PyQt5 QtWidgets for practice purposes in Python. It was working flawlessly in the exercise I did recently. Now, I wanted to open a new Python document for the same file and do a new exercise, but when run in the new Python document, the object does not appear. Then I copied the codes from my old exercise and pasted them into the new document, this time it works. But when I open a new document and want to create a new project, the PyQt5 element does not appear on the screen again.

And exit code is “Process finished with exit code -1”

Now, I wrote the exact codes in the old document, but the old one works, the new one does not. If I copy the old ones to the new one, it works. And they are all in the same file, the paths look the same, the rules are the same, but I couldn’t find a solution to the problem.

Hi @Egecan_Genç,

It’s going to be almost impossible for us to help without the code that you are trying to run. Can you share a minimal example of what’s broken, and an explanation of how you are trying to run it?

I forgot the upload the photo. Here it is.

And this is the one thats working(left file)

So no Rhino involved here? It’ll be easier to get help for this on forums specialized for PyQT.

Alright, thank you for the answer i’ll try them