Evaluation suddenly thinks it is expired (solved)

I have a student whom downloaded the trial on november 24th and the trial should work until february 22 (at least so it says in the mail she got from Brian) and today it thinks it has expired.
Do you know why? And are there anything she can do? (Being a student she has worked all day and only tried to save just now)

Godt nytt år, Jørgen.
She has to contact sales@mcneel.com directly to sort out this one.

Godt nyttår Wim!

The strange thing is that when Rhino re started it showed her name and the expiration date, but it still would not save.
So it must be some kind of bug. (Maybe from after an upgrade that I don’t know about)

But we fixed it… but after Rhino was closed and the work lost of course…

All she had to do was to re enter the installation code and her name. We had to select something and choose export (since save was grayed out) to get to the dialogbox, and once it was typed in it worked again.

My guess is your student entered the correct key, but never completed the license Validation within 30 days, even with daily prompting to do so.
If validation does not happen within the 30-day window, Rhino needs to be closed (Cmd+Q) and restarted to restore the ability to Save/Export.

Hm, it wouldn`t surprise me if the registration was daily skipped :slightly_smiling:

But then why did it show her name and expiration date propperly at start up?
It still would not save, the license had to be re entered for Rhino to work again, even after two restarts.
BTW Is closing Rhino on the Mac considered a restart, or is it just a “soft-close” as on the iphone? (thus your Cmd+Q comment?)

None the less this behavior has no warning and the 30 days registration vs 90 days expiration is not logical from a user (or a sellers) point of view and lacks information so it should be adjusted IMO. At least since it is so easy to fix as to just retype the license key back in.

The expiration date is coded into the license key.mthats where that date
came from. She may even have completed the Registration. I don’t think she
also completed the license Validation process. That’s what has the 30-day
grace period.