Evaluate expression but faster


Is there a way to run evaluate faster? I have a list of 10,574,793 points which I want to format to a string and then export to a .gcode file. Everything works so far but I takes quite a long time. ~ 15min

Is there a gh component which can do this faster?

many thanks!


eval_forum.gh (448.0 KB) (no worries, its a smaller file)

[edit for clarity ]

this is in plain, simple, unelegant C#

eval_forum_Re.gh (451.1 KB)

[edit: I had a bad thought :slight_smile: ]

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You don’t have to use the Expression Format() function, you can probably just directly use the Format component. It cuts out the overhead you get with expression parsing.


Thank you both;

Using format() results in a nice speedup even over c#

again, thanks :pray: