Eto UI Panel Layout

Hi (@curtisw, @dale maybe),

what would be the best approach to setup a panel with two Eto.Forms.Splitter as shown in the image with percentages instead of fixed units? I can not find any example or code.

Currently I am using the following code:

this.Splitter = new Splitter
    Panel1 = this.CategoryGroupBox,
    Panel2 = this.PropertyTypeGroupBox,
    FixedPanel = SplitterFixedPanel.Panel2,
    Orientation = Orientation.Horizontal,
    Panel1MinimumSize = 100,
    Panel2MinimumSize = 250,
    SplitterWidth = 3,
    RelativePosition = 0.5,

But I dont want to work with FixedPanel or minimum sizes.


I’m not quite sure what that means. Using SplitterFixedPanel.None should keep both panels at the same percentage sizes as it is resized.

Well what would be nice are the percentages as shown in the image. What I get is the Panel1 with a size of 100 and Panel2 with the rest.

Behaviour at startup:


This is the adjusted code:

this._splitter = new Splitter
    Panel1 = categoryLayout,
    Panel2 = propertyGroupBox,
    FixedPanel = SplitterFixedPanel.None,
    Orientation = Orientation.Vertical,
    Panel1MinimumSize = 100,
    Panel2MinimumSize = 100,
    SplitterWidth = 3,
    RelativePosition = 0.5,