Eto Label Box


I wanted to ask if it was possible to draw an outline/contour for the label box?

(I don’t see anything in the properties for this)

Try using a Drawable to draw outlines (or anything you like).


var label = new Label { Text = "Hello" };
var drawable = new Drawable { Content = myLabel };
drawable.Paint += (sender, e) => e.Graphics.DrawRectangle(Colors.Blue, new Rectangle(drawable.Size));

// put drawable somewhere

Hope this helps!


@curtisw ok thanks for reply :+1:

@curtisw sorry :pray:

I was looking at a wrong link
I’m trying to write some Python code
but the link does not mention such language

by any chance is there a way to do this in Py as well?

strange though, the link I had taken from the guide: Eto forms in Python

Hi All,

this is the best code i managed to write, but it still doesn’t work.

import Rhino #as rh
import System #as sy
import scriptcontext #as sc

import Rhino.UI #as ui
import Eto.Forms #as frm
import Eto.Drawing #as drw

class MyForms(Eto.Forms.Dialog[bool]):
    def __init__(self):
        self.m_lbl = Eto.Forms.Label(Text = 'Label')
        self.m_rct = Eto.Forms.Drawable(Content = self.m_lbl)
        self.layout = Eto.Forms.DynamicLayout()
        self.layout.Padding = Eto.Drawing.Padding(10)
        self.Content = self.layout
        self.LoadComplete += self.OnPaints
    def OnPaints(self, sender, e):
        e.Graphics.DrawRectangle(Eto.Drawing.Color(Eto.Drawing.Colors.Red), Eto.Drawing.Rectangle(self.m_rct))

def RunCommand():


where am i wrong?

Hi @0904, you must assign a Paint event to the drawable not the dialog. Below is an example which seems to work. (1.3 KB)


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thanks @clement

it works perfectly :+1: