Eto.Forms Dialog does not work

Hi everyone,

We have add/remove/edit dialogs for some plugin related objects. But they does not work with 7.26.23009.7001 version anymore.


Previously this line was responsible to make it visible. But now it freezes Rhino, nothing shows up. Is this a bug or something?


Hi again,

Having trouble also with another plugin UI. Getting error as below when call Window object.


@curtisw Do you have update on this with new releases, because this was working with old versions.


Hey @oguzhankoral,

Do you have a more complete example of something that isn’t working that I can test out? We have made no changes to the .NET, Eto, or any UI initialization from 7.24 → 7.26. Perhaps this is a Windows update issue or some other plugin causing it?


Hey @curtisw,

Thanks for reply. I was doing bisection on gitlog and realized that after CEFsharp implementation somehow this workflow is broken. Even if I shutdown CEFsharp application, it somehow blocks to open Eto.Forms dialog and freezes Rhino… I am suspicious it is a threading issue. Obviously CEFsharp still working behind the scene, but it is also strange it effects Eto.Forms. Is it normal?

Did you encounter similar issue with CEFsharp or threading?

I will update topic if I find some other clues…