Eto.Form AutoSize

Hi @curtisw,

is it possible for an Eto.Forms.Form to auto resize if it’s content size changes ? For example, i have a form which only contains one DynamicLayout. I want to add or remove a row to/from the dynamic layout and the form should change it’s size. The Form.Size is not defined, so it gets its (proper) size on load. But i would like to re-size it when it is already loaded.


Hi @clement,

Yes you can set the Form or Dialog’s AutoSize property to true to enable auto sizing. After changing a DynamicLayout you can to call DynamicLayout.Create() to recreate its layout.

Hope this helps!

Thanks @spb and @curtisw,

ok, this is is what i currently do, after i Clear() and changed the dynamic layout. One more thing: Window.AutoSize property is available with Eto since Rhino 7 but not before, correct ? I cannot find it in current docs using this search.