ETO doesn't print to Visual Studio Code output

Greetings to all,
to develop python code, I use Visual Studio Code, as it is very convenient to work with and plus there is a dark theme that saves my eyes. I use the print function a lot to output intermediate data in text form so that I can analyze how the code works, and all the output text is displayed in Visual Studio Code output panel.
However, now when I started using the simple ETO interface (I took from one thread here on forum), the VSC no longer displays the output text. In the very same Rhino displays text on the panel fine.
How do I display print output in VSC when using ETO?

Even so:
“Simple_Print” launched outside ETO class works as expected==> FFF 1
“Simple_print” and “eto_simple_print” launched at ETO class init , still work fine==> FFF 2, ETO 3

However, both “simple_print” and “eto_simple_print” being launched somewhere in the body of ETO class, for example I binded them to “Clear” button, and there is no OUTPUT result in VSC, but it is in the Rhino console, as could be seen on screenshots (FFF 4, and ETO5).