ETO button width

How to control the button width? Changing the width has no effect? I want to make the width smaller,Is this width the smallest

e.Forms.Button(Text=item[‘text’], Height=25, Width=2, ID=item[‘cmd’], BackgroundColor=item[‘color’],

It seems to me that it’s your button’s container that forces the width of those child elements.
for example: Eto.Forms.StackLayout has VerticalContentAlignment property.

Otherwise, I don’t know if there is a limit for the width of a button, but they can be smaller.

It may be too small

After testing, this example can’t get the button
Minimum width
I want to get a smaller width like the image, but I don’t know how to control it

Hi @SONG1,

Looks like you need to add some padding and spacing to your layout. See if the attached example gives you any ideas. (1.9 KB)

– Dale

It can’t be so small

@SONG1 this should work:

button.Size = drawing.Size(5,5)

and make sure space around it is filled up like:

layout.AddRow(None, button, None)