ETFE Cushion

Hello, Im trying to create an inflatable cushion along a surface with Kangaroo2. However the path is not working. What do i need to change? Thank you in advance

efte_cushion.3dm (46.5 KB) etfe (11.0 KB)

Hello @carmenrubio1,

Like in real life, you can’t inflate an object that is not a volume!
Imagine a cushion! Even if flat and not inflated, it has the potential to be, because it’s more or less airtight, has a sealable intake of sorts, and at least two sides that are sown, glued, or fused together, forming the pneu. All these parameters must also be met to simulate this, except the intake, which doesn’t even have to exist.

Now, could you be a little more precise on how you want the end result to look? What shape are you after? Do you want a single air chamber or a couple? If you want the air structure to stand like this, without supports, you probably need to be very peculiar about the design.
Your current geometry, when inflated, would probably look like a slightly bend salami.

Here’s a mesh inflation example using Kangaroo2:


Some mesh components from Weaverbird are also used.

Depending on what your end goal is, you might want to introduce some more simulation elements.
A collision plane would be great to introduce some sort of ground condition.
You could also add specific anchor points, where the air structure would be fastened to supports or something else. These could be fixed or movable in only some directions to get maybe more interesting results (if your using the simulation for form-finding purposes). (23.9 KB)


Hi!!Thank you so much for your answer. I was trying to create monolayer efte panels that would be atached to the perimeter of the surface. Its just a part component of a bigger facade. Therefore the perimeter, as the cushion frame, would be the anchor points. Yes I was looking for that slightly bend salami aspect. Or to get multiple air chamber, however for that I would need as you said a volume-mesh :slight_smile: When I open the file it does not recognice the Pythonic Mesh Loft, is that from Weaverbird??

Nope, that is a custom component that I wrote in Python. You have to install GHPython, if you are using an older Rhino version!


etfe cushion_NB (23.3 KB)