Essential Mathematics 4th Edition

Essential Mathematics 4th Edition

We’re delighted to share the release of the 4th edition of the Essential Mathematics for Computational Design. This publication by McNeel aims to help introduce design professionals to the foundation mathematical concepts that are necessary for effective development of algorithmic and parametric designs using Grasshopper. The text and examples explain, with some depth, concepts such as NURBS geometry, vectors, and transformation, all with visual illustrations and using nearly 100 Grasshopper definitions in Rhino 6. We are now recording the material into short videos (2-4 minutes each). The first set of videos are here, and more will follow.

Download Essential Mathematics text and Grasshopper examples…
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Posted June 10, 2019, by Rajaa Issa on Rhino News, etc.



Thanks for this release. It is very helpfull. I have learned to code in Rhino (with VBScript, now moving to Python) for a couple of years and I would not have achieved it withoout such good documentation.

PS : If I may propose a topic for the next release or videos, a part dedicated to text file parsing would be great. I Don’t know if lots off peaople are intrerested about this, but in my company (2000 people) we focuse on establishing links between different softwares, and the use of “neutral” text formats such as csv is very helpfull. So parsing text file from Rhino in order to create geometry is an important issue for us.

Thanks for sharing !

Glad you find it helpful.

There are few tutorials in GH to show how to parse text and few GH-Plugins to bridge with other software.
Is there any particular topic or example that you think need more explanation, and is not covered by the published examples?
Here is a basic example for parsing points from a text file using C# and Python. (14.9 KB)

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fundamental documentation… thank you

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Hi Rajaa,
Thanks for the tip. It’s a good basis for work.