Error with termite_nest plan generation

This is my first time using Termite_Nest, and i’ve been following all the proper steps for Graph component, However, it keeps giving me this error, does anyone know how to solve this?
Any help is appreciate


upload a gh file with internalized data and link to the tutorial you’re using

here’s the gh and csv files,
Generative (14.5 KB)
areas.csv (224 Bytes)
and the tutorial:

download the latest beta from food4rhino (at the bottom, with the nearest date) - make sure you uninstall your old termite first - read the readme - and run this

Generative plan [updated].gh (14.5 KB)

thanks for the help

the problem still persists, i tried multiple solutions but none resolved. Did anyone else face the same problem?
01_Simple relation from csv.3dm (35.3 KB)
01_Simple relation from (18.4 KB)
Relation_One_for_sample_file_01.csv (203 Bytes)