Error calculating the Centroid of a closed planar curve with Geometry function

I realized that the Centroid result from the 2nd curve closed planar curve (list of 3 curves) of the list isn’t calculating, however when using the Mesh Area it does calculate such Centroid value. Maybe someone can help me understand the reason for this? Thank youCentroid (17.2 KB)

sometimes I get the same issue and cast them as surfaces before going into the Area component to solve it

Thanks for your suggestion @inno. Regards

Interesting problem. It seems it’s solved after simplifying the curves. I baked your curves and noticed the amount of points they had, so I thought they could have overlapping issues (but they don’t!).

Thank you for your time. Just for your knowledge the curves came from a longer definition as a result of a plane intersection with a quite homogeneous and balanced quadmesh.
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