Enscape: Virtual reality and rendering in shipbuilding

Enscape, a real-time rendering and VR plugin, is featuring how Damen, a family-owned shipbuilding business with headquarters in the Netherlands, uses real-time visualization to optimize its design process.

They have incorporated Enscape into their projects and daily workflow as a virtual reality tool compatible with Rhino.

One of my colleagues was experimenting with virtual reality, and we wanted to have an easy implementation tool in Rhino. That’s how we found Enscape,” says G.A. Plan Engineer Stefan van der Made.

Enscape was the first virtual reality visualization tool used in the company. While initially it was used primarily for virtual reality walkthroughs, they later discovered the benefits of creating renderings with it.

For details about how Damen uses Enscape within their shipbuilding process, you can read How This Shipbuilding Company Uses Real-Time Visualization to Optimize Their Design Process.

Posted Feb 08, 2023 by Sandy McNeel on Rhino News, etc.