Elk 2 topography issue?

Hi, I have an issue with the topography component in Elk. Even though I downloaded the correct files, I still get a runtime error. Not certain what is that about, can anyone help me figure it out?
shp.rar (4.9 MB)

210416 - Chisinau topo.gh (11.0 KB)

Hi -
I’m not sure what’s up with that TIFF file.
I’m getting ELK to create a mesh with these settings here


… but the result is completely flat.
The Bison plug-in has the same result.

Lands Design imports the TIFF file

… and while the result is not 100% flat, it doesn’t really look like it’s scaled correctly vertically. At least you can manually scale it if you know the area.

Then again, it’s probably the overall size of the area that’s throwing me off. I’m getting elevation differences in the 150 m range straight out of Lands. That’s probably correct…

You can download a trial version of Lands from the link that I provided.