Elefront:Define multiple blocks from a list of breps/geometries

Hello. Is there a way to define multiple blocks from a list of created geometries in grasshopper? For example, i created 6 extrusions and instead of manually creating and copy pasting Define blocks, i could somehow automate it maybe adding a variation in the name of the block e.g. Block 1 , Block 2

Absolutely, I recall this being demonstrated by Laurent recently.

Hi Rickson. Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately i have no idea what laurent did insofar as the blocking. I did not see any elefront operations. I assume the peculiar operation there is a custom script that uses elefront. Other than that, is there a way just by using the elefront commands? Thank you.

Re_Elefront_Blocks.gh (10.9 KB)

I apologize if it seemed like i was asking you to do a script for me but i wasn’t. I was merely trying get answers on what could be the workflow and logic in elefront. I didn’t understand laurent’s script because i didn’t see the usual elefront workflow. Maybe because i still lack knowledge. But i thank you very much because i understand your script very well and now know where i went wrong when i tried to do the same thing. I think it was mostly a data matching problem in my part because i tried inputting multiple names in attributes as well. Thank you because i learned about concatenation as well.

Format is > than concatenate