EditPtOn maximum controlpoints topped at 1000?


It seems EditPtOn is limited to curves with less than 1001 controlpoints:

Could that threshold be lifted or ‘upped’?
Or add a dashed version of the command without these type of limitations?


Similar as Willems request i’d like to mention the limit to turn points on for meshes. It seems to be 1Mio and affects other commands like SelNakedMeshEdgePt. eg. If a mesh has over 1Mio vertices and 10 naked mesh edge points. SelNakedMeshEdgePt does select nothing here because of this limit.


Hi Willem, I’ll file the request for this and thanks for the sample file… out of curiosity, what would you use a curve like this for where edit pt control is preferable to ctrl pts?

I understand your curiosity, I distorted the curve as it is a sort of proprietary geometry.
The curve was generated with a script I made to form this type of geometry:

For the final model I need to tweak where the wires run at the suspensions and around the light bulbs. EditPoints are than easier to tweak the curve

than the controlpoints that look like this:

Nice! I like the chaos of it… reminds me of when I open the Christmas decorations each year. Hopefully this can get tuned up soon for you. As a temporary work around (which you may have already found), you can split>edit>join.

Yep, thanks :sunny: