Mesh Pt limit?

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Hi Clement,

Do you have a sample file you can send? Please use if you need.

Thanks Brian,

please run the snipped below to create you a sample file and reproduce the problem.

_MeshPlane _XFaces=1000 _YFaces=1000 _Center 0 100,100

Running _SelNakedMeshEdgePt on the mesh results “Found 0 points”. Thats too little by 4000 :blush:


Thanks, filed as RH-20158

Hi Brian,

i´ve received a mesh with 557 naked mesh edges which where created after removing 187 degenerated faces, reported from the _Check command. So to make it short, the _CullDegenerateMeshFaces command left some holes in the mesh after doing its job. If i just fill those holes again using _FillMeshHoles, i end up with 187 degenerated mesh faces again. :wink:

To get past this, i´ve tried to _SelNakedMeshEdgePt, then delete those points to widen the holes a bit, but Rhino returns that it selected 0 points ? Is this selection limit of grips still active and how do i turn it off ?


I’m having trouble duplicating your problem. Can you provide a sample file? If it’s the same problem as the one I filed RH-20158 for, I just checked and the bug is still open… I’ll give it a nudge.

Hi Brian,

yes it is the same problem. Rhino doesn`t allow me to select around 1000 mesh grips in order to delete them.