Editing Rhino Options from Python - Run Command on Startup

Hi all,

I’d like to have a Rhino command run every time Rhino starts. I know that I can manually add the command here in options:

But I want to add the startup command from a Python script (or rvb script). I am implementing this change on many users’ machines and would like to have the startup commands added or removed from a script.

I saw on the forums how to update the PackageManger source setting in python:

settings = Rhino.PlugIns.PlugIn.GetPluginSettings(Rhino.RhinoApp.CurrentRhinoId, False)
s = settings.GetChild("Options").GetChild("PackageManager")
s.SetString("Sources","https://yak.rhino3d.com;" + packageFolder)

But I cannot figure out how to adapt this code to edit the startup commands. Can anyone help?


there is a lot of info in this old topic:

Thanks for the reply - I had read through that topic before posting but unfortunately it does not answer my question.

They discuss how to make .RVB scripts run at startup but what I want to do is to script adding a command to options to run at startup.

rhinoscript can:

Returns the number of startup scripts.

Return the list of startup script files.

Adds a startup script to RhinoScript.

Removes a startup script to RhinoScript.

my guess is, if you add a file with .py this will also run.

You might also workarround by calling a command of a custom (your) (rhinocommon) plug-in.

rhinoscript is directly accessing the c++ sdk methods.
phyton and rhinoscriptsyntax are based on rhinocommon.

image from here

there might be difference of what is accessible.

i never tried, but you might also be able to add a startup script using a macro.
starting with
!-_documentproperties _options

because of this thread i think @stevebaer might be the right person to answer your question with more details / options / alternatives.

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Thanks Tom_P!

I couldn’t get Rhino to run a py script from the startupscriptlist but thanks to your links I came up with a bit of a clunky workaround that is doing what I need.

If it helps anyone in the future: I have an .RVB script that calls the command that I want:

Option Explicit
Sub WakeUp()
	Dim commandName
	commandName = "GoodMorning"
	Rhino.Command commandName
End Sub

I am using another RVB script to add the initial script to the startup script list, I would have preferred to do this with python but I could only access AddStartupScript through RVB:

Option Explicit
Sub StartupEnable()
	Dim filePath
	filePath = "C:\my file\path here\WakeUp.rvb"
End Sub

I can then finally call the StartupEnable script from python to add the command to the startup script list:

scriptPath = r"C:\my file\path here\StartupEnable.rvb"
Rhino.RhinoApp.RunScript("-LoadScript " + scriptPath, True)