Editing a block within a block is maddening



+1 on double-click

(Djhg) #22

What does it mean when the nested blocks are unavailable for editing?
I’m attempting to change blocks imported from SKP whose blocks have material attributes assigned to default which I’d like to change to "by Layer’. With blocks imported from Skp some of the nested blocks have the ghostbusters symbol and I can’t edit them. I can explode everything and set the material attributes as I want but it’s more steps, and destructive.


I add my vote +1
Importing step files from other programs with nested blocks representing assembled objects result in a pain to edit them without exploding everything.

(Fleurdli71) #24

+1 vote for double clicking on a block within a block! Any progress?

The list doesn’t always work. It’ll get stuck and wont’ edit anything and I end up having to exit and THEN go back in. Unless someone knows how to always make the list work.

Alternative would be to at least let user select the nested block, then run an EditBlock command. This currently doesn’t work either.