Editable .3dm file content via IM-format?

Yes, I would like to be able to access some of the model info using regex tools, and I gathered from another post that no, .3dm doesn’t support that (well, that was obvious by opening it in a text editor).

Q1: But is there any lossless export format (“intermediate format”) in which I could do my modifications (like modifying object names, layer names, group names etc) and then import the model back into Rhino again?

Lossless export-import means that I might not want to discover that on my own, and since .3dm is not very DIFF-tool friendly I wouldn’t even know what and how much I lost…

Q2: Therefore, I’d like to also ask if there ever has been any plans to make a more diff-friendly model format? XML of Json, sorted with DIFF in mind (as to maintain object order), would be very helpful.

// Rolf

The 3dm read/write API is open source and freely available, for example using RhinoCommon. Using that, you can modify object, layer, group names, and much more.

What more do you want?

  1. Text format,
  2. Modifying content using Regex (with tools like EditpadPro, PowerGrep etc which I use heavily to update source code when programming)
  3. DIFF-friendly for detailed tracing of changes.

“Direct access” to all of the above by any text format that would allow it. .3dm will not support it, but I could do with a export format.

// Rolf

A text based format would be fine.
Or, a documented (text or binary) format would be also fine

But I guess that these things are left to us to develop :slight_smile:

BTW In Rhino 5 RhinoCommon does not cover all the data that the C++ SDK covers
I hope Rhino 6 will fix that

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In that case, use either STEP or IGES format. Both are text based. The former supports more features, like polysurfaces and blocks.

Is it lossless? (when re-importing)

// Rolf

I tried exporting to STEP, reimport, then Export again and finally reimport again. Haven’t tried diff yet, but “lossless” doesn’t seem to be the case.

// Rolf