Edit Text - varying font heights



Text editing is improved in Rhino 6/ WIP. It is possible to use different fonts, italic fonts oder bold font.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to have the ability to use different font heights within one text block. This would be so helpful. Right now we have to make different text blocks for every font size.

Can this be added in Rhino 6? Thanks.

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Mattias - my guess is that this is not in the cards for V6. I see an open item for this however.





that’s a pity. Would it be so difficult as one can already use different Fonts in V6? IMHO it’s more obvious to use different font sizes than different font types within one textblock.

Nevertheless, thanks for your effort.

PS: Archicad, Revit,… are useing Uniform Rich Text Formatting, resp. it’s Options - which is very good.

(Wim Dekeyser) #4

The YT item says that Rhino already supports varying font heights. There just isn’t an interface in place yet to allow the user to change this. Since this is about adding new functionality to Rhino, this is not critical for the release of Rhino 6. As the item stands now, the interface will be added in a 6.x release.


I don’t understand why you just activate it. This makes no sense. Why would I use different fonts within a text block (as it is programmed in Rhino WIP)?

Whereas we (everyday) use descriptive text blocks with a bigger header and a smaller sub-description. It’s so laborious to build this up with single text blocks that are stacked on each other.

This is possible in every other CAD software I know.

(Wim Dekeyser) #6

Just activate what?

And it will be in Rhino 6.x =)


Is there any progress on this issue? This would be so helpful in daily practice… thanks.