Eccentric form finding

Hallo everyone,

I am trying to achieve an eccentric grid shell geometry. The idea was applying the component MagnetSnap.
The component affects, but somehow doesn’t works smoothly. As shown they kinks out on surface.

So, I was thinking that ‘soap-film’ probably helps to smooth it.
As you see the topology changed. However, it still kinks out.

After activated ‚TangentialSmooth+Soapfilm‘

What I am expecting should looks like Fig below: An eccentric dome, where has the most of density, and then it decreases to outside. The it is still able to shift this center to anywhere.
Basically, like tree ring.

Not sure if that makes sense coz it probably not static equilibrium anymore…I guess.
I’ll be appreciative if you have any ideas. Thanks in advance.

GH Files attached.

Eccentric Form (21.9 KB)

Do you want to change the actual shape of the surface, or only of the grid on it (while keeping the underlying surface fixed)?
If the latter, I recommend form finding the dome, then use the output mesh from that in a separate process as the target for an OnMesh goal with a new grid.

Hi Daniel,

thx for reply.
First approach is what I want. It is alright for me if the the shape change. What’s ur recommendation?

Btw, the second approach you mentioned stil need to smoothen the kinks…and thats also another problem to maintain…what would you do to remove those?

I wouldn’t recommend using MagnetSnap here, since that increases sharply in strength closer to the target point.
What could be better would be to assign spring strengths based on a smooth field.

Pulling part of the grid tighter during the catenary form-finding will result in that part of the shape being less free to move upwards so you’ll get a big dip there like this:

Eccentric Form (18.6 KB)

If you want to just pull part of the grid tighter without changing the shape so much then like this is better: (16.2 KB)