eCAADe 2014 - Northumbria University, Newcastle UK

eCAADe 2014 Northumbria University, Newcastle UK **September 8-12, 2014 **

The eCAADe 2014 conference (September10-12) will explore the possibilities for advanced levels of data integration in the service of the representation and management of the natural environment, and the design, visualisation and making of the built environment.

The eCAADe 2014 workshops (September8-9) include:

Graph modelling with Grasshopper3d Introduction to data flow programming via visual graph editing Instructor: Peter Mehrtens

Computer Aided Architectural Design software packages and 3d CAD platforms offer a wide range of functionality for direct and parametric modelling to architects and engineers. However in a scenario where the architectural model is to represent a rule-based design, it is appropriate to employ complementary tools that assist the development of the algorithm that underlies the actual design result.

To express a design intent utilizing computational means the creator may choose between text based programming (scripting) and visual graph modelling.

Architects and designers are trained to communicate ideas and concepts in a visual manner and don’t usually have additional training in computer science. Therefore a comfortable link between architecture and programming can be seen in the design of schema (graphmodelling).

This workshop intends to approach students and architects interested in generative design by teaching the concepts of dataflow programming in a visual graph modelling environment.

During the two day classroom-style workshop we will use Grasshopper and Rhino.

Grasshopper3d is a plug in to NURBS-modelling software Rhinoceros, delivering users the capability to develop a design by modelling the dataflow in an acyclic directed graph.

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